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Online Tutoring Services

Personalized Virtual Tutoring Services at eTutorWorld for Grades K-12 at affordable cost

At eTutorWorld we offer Virtual Subject Tutoring services for K-12 and online Test Prep programs for different tests.

The highlights of our services are that we offer them at a highly affordable cost and our tutors are vastly experienced in the subjects.

That is why, we are able to provide quality tutoring services and have gained the full trust of the parents.

Parents who have availed our services for their children have rated us 4.7 out of 5 on Trustspot

Give us a try and take the best step for your child’s academic success. Click the button below to book a FREE class.


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Online Tutoring Services at eTutorWorld

We’re parents too. So we get it. Boosting your child’s skills (and their confidence) is right up there among your goals.

With eTutorWorld, you have the assurance that they’re getting the education and academic support they need to succeed at the school level and beyond. We offer:

One to one Online Tutoring
Personalized Online Tutoring
Test Prep Online Tutoring

Why eTutorWorld for personalized online tutoring?

1. Sensitivity

Our Learning by Design™ methodology makes eTutorWorld unique, making us one of the best online tutoring services for K-12 students. Our qualified, knowledgeable, and patient tutors evaluate each student’s academic skills with subject-specific diagnostic assessment methods, setting a tone of compassion and encouragement right from your first FREE class. Parents and students are encouraged to ask questions so specific needs are met immediately, and tutors are matched based on the goals we set together for your child.

2. Scheduling

Each session at eTutorWorld is flexible with no travelling to a tutoring center or having someone come into your home. We work around your family’s schedule to ensure flexibility, without compromising on results. The expert tutors of eTutorWorld design student-specific e-courses and help them meet their goals.

3. Safety

eTutorWorld’s online tutoring offers the best of all worlds: stress-free, personalized one-to-one tutoring from the comfort and safety of your own home. We are fully compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) through the Federal Trade Commission, making us a trustworthy partner to increase your child’s confidence and learning skills.

4. Support

Our state-of-the-art technology is stable, user-friendly, and safe. All you need is a computer or a tablet and an internet connection. The easy-to-use web conferencing software requires a one-time download so your child can talk with their tutor, make notes on an interactive shared whiteboard, and share documents, assignments, and worksheets with ease. Our advanced online tools and 24/7 support system ensure your child’s lessons and progress are delivered in a high-quality, hassle-free manner.

*No credit card is required or obligation to purchase.

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Personalized Online Tutoring Services at eTutorWorld

Grade Tutoring


Our online math tutoring methods focus on the development of problem-solving strategies by helping students make real world applications.


Our online English tutors use simple and easy-to-learn methods to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the language.

Subject Tutoring

Test Prep


We also provide Tutoring services for students based on their own curriculum or syllabus for Math, Science, and English.

Tutoring starts from $22.49/hour

*$22.49/hour pricing comes from our 12 months/100 sessions total price of $2,249

Our Learning by Design™ methodology focuses exclusively on individual students. Our expert tutors are specially trained to identify and diagnose the needs and skills of each student and plan future tutoring lessons accordingly.
Best Online Tutoring Services

Virtual Tutoring Services – Frequently Asked Questions

Does online tutoring really work?

Yes! Our interactive live sessions are delivered by trained tutors who guide their students effectively through personalized online tutoring. Your child receives free practice worksheets at the end of each session to reinforce learning. Each session recording is made available on the student’s portal so they can review their lessons and parents can remain updated about their child’s progress.

What do you mean by personalized online tutoring?

Personalized online tutoring is where the curriculum for each student is created depending on his/her learning ability and availability. They are designed to ensure that your child benefits from the undivided attention of a tutor. Unlike an online classroom where your child may find it hard to keep up, a personalized, one-to-one online learning program enables them to learn at their own pace. Personalized sessions also allow students to ask questions during a session, thereby enabling them to grasp concepts before proceeding with their course.

What are the credentials of the tutors?

All tutors of eTutorWorld are graduates and subject matter experts in their respective fields, making them ideal online tutors and mentors. They’re handpicked and required to complete a stringent training process before getting on board. Each of them has at least 400 hours of tutoring experience, and they’re extremely patient and friendly with their students, thus ensuring that the children are mentored carefully to make significant progress through the learning process.

How can my child benefit from online tutoring?

Our K-12 online tutoring services come with a plethora of advantages. Your geographic location isn’t important, as the student learns from your safe and comfortable home environment. Your child has the opportunity of being taught by expert tutors who are qualified to teach the chosen subject. The virtual classes are interactive and fun for the students who learn the basics with less stress, giving them the confidence they need to excel at academics.

Why learn with eTutorWorld?

eTutorWorld’s K-12 online tutoring services offer plenty of benefits. Here are some reasons why we’re regarded among the best online tutoring services:

  • Meet your online expert tutor from the comfort and safety of your home
  • Schedule sessions at your convenient date and time
  • Access recordings of sessions for a month from session date
  • Receive a personalized practice sheet after every session
  • Call/chat with us through 24/7 support to resolve issues or ask questions
  • Experience the state-of-the-art technology by learning over LIVE tutoring sessions
  • Get a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied

The Best K-12 Online Tutoring Service

Research has proven that personalized online tutoring not just cements school learning, but it can also help boost student confidence and levels of independence.

Our Learning by Design™ methodology puts the individual student at the center of the teaching-learning process. All eTutorWorld online tutoring sessions start with this simple question to the student: “What do you want to learn today?” Beginning this way allows the tutor to continuously diagnose skills and recognize your child’s requirements before the actual tutoring starts. After each session, an individualized worksheet is emailed to the student to help them assimilate learned concepts. Moreover, regular formative assessments are also used to evaluate a student’s understanding of the subject.

In addition to the student-tutor matching, each student goes through the eTutorWorld Diagnostic Test that is part of the first free class: a tool that assesses a student’s individual competence levels, and also ascertains areas that might need improvement, thereby equipping our teachers with the information they need to tailor each personalized learning experience to deliver truly impressive results.

We also offer several layers of customizability in our products and pricing. Several factors influence our product packaging: the academic calendar, timely intervention during tests, and others like periods of priority, summer specials, back-to-school prep, lesson packages, and test packages. With so much on offer, you can see why both students and parents love eTutorWorld!

Sign up for your free class today, and get the eTutorWorld learning advantage! Our tutors are waiting to connect with you to take your academics to the next level!

*No credit card is required or obligation to purchase
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