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Elementary School Tutoring

Online Tutoring for Kids: Personalized Elementary School Tutors for Grades K-5

Join our Online Tutoring for Kids in Grades K-5.

Let our Elementary School Tutors help your child learn Math, Science, and English in the right way.

We also offer Test Prep services for various tests at competitive prices.

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Elementary School Tutoring for Grade K-5

Elementary school is the beginning of formal schools. It is the time to strengthen the basics learned in kindergarten and to dive nose-first into formal schooling with well-defined subjects. Elementary grades from 1-5 get more and more structured with every new topic/subject therefore, it is common for students to feel overwhelmed with the curriculum and the formal tone of their lessons.

Personalized tutoring for elementary students can help them navigate school lessons with confidence and turn around their performance. eTutorWorld offers virtual tutoring for elementary students through, structured, well-designed lesson plans that are taught by highly-trained elementary teachers.

Online Tutoring Plan for Elementary School Tutoring

Elementary School Tutoring


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Elementary School Online Tutoring


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Elementary School Tutoring
Elementary School Tutors
Elementary School Tutoring Online

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Online Tutoring for Elementary School Grades

Online Tutoring Pricing

Expert 1-on-1 Personal Tutoring, Now Affordable to All.

Every online tutoring session has 50 to 55 minutes of teaching time.

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Personalized Online Tutoring for Elementary School Grades

There are many benefits to getting personalized online tutoring for your elementary school children. Your kids learn more efficiently than they would in the classroom because they can focus better when distracting elements don’t surround them. One of the most important things about this type of instruction is that each lesson plan is customized by an expert teacher who understands your child’s needs to progress academically. You also have more flexibility with hours, days, and times available than if you were taking traditional in-person lessons. Our Elementary School Tutors are available 24/7! The best part about Personalized Online Tutoring for Elementary Level Grades is that each class can be tailored according to what works best for the student and their specific needs.

Online tutoring can benefit your child in several ways, including making them feel more confident in their abilities and helping them learn more quickly. This is because they can work through problems independently, at their own pace, and with help as needed. Plus, our online tutors can provide individualized instruction for your child’s learning style, making it easier for them to retain information and improve their grades. They’ll always be available to take away the stress of teaching your child the after-school hours, especially if you’re a busy parent juggling multiple responsibilities!

Gifted Student Programs for Elementary Students

Elementary school students can take gifted programs such as SCAT and CogAT.


SCAT is the School and College Abilities Test, that tests students from grades 2-12 for above grade abilities and offers them a chance to participate in gifted programs at the school level and even at Johns Hopkins Center for Youth (CTY).

CogAT Test

CogAT stands for Cognitive Abilities Test and is a multiple-choice assessment for K-12 students. It is commonly used as a qualifying test for school-level gifted programs.


SSAT stands for Secondary School Admissions Test and is used for admissions in middle schools and high schools in the US. Students in grades 3-11 can take this test.

Schedule a free session with an eTutorWorld expert and experience Learning by Design with experienced and expert mentors. You can schedule this session at your preferred date and time.

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Why eTutorWorld for Elementary School Tutoring

Diagnostic Test

A diagnostic test is the first step of every course at eTutorWorld. This test is conducted to assess a child’s skills and abilities before the lessons begin. Elementary tutors then use their results to create a customized lesson plan.

Customized Lesson Plans

Every child learns differently, therefore, we create customized lesson plans according to a child’s learning requirements. This lesson plan is created according to the result of the diagnostic test and parental feedback.

Regular Assessments

Regular assessments are crucial in gauging a child’s progress with the lesson plan. Therefore, we conduct assessments at regular intervals: after lesson completion and after course completion. We share all the results with parents and discuss the progress with them.

Interactive, one-on-one Sessions

We take exclusive mentoring to the next level with one-on-one, live, interactive virtual tutoring for elementary students. In every session, your child will be able to sit down with a tutor and learn one-on-one with a trained and experienced online tutor for elementary students.

Latest Technology

We are constantly innovating our platform to simplify it for our students. At eTutorWorld, you will find all the latest tools in the education industry that make elementary tutoring online convenient for everyone involved.

24×7 Support

eTutorWorld provides 24X7 handholding through experienced academic counselors. We also have a support team ready at all times to help you with technical or any other issues with the student portal.

Elementary School Online Tutoring – Frequently Asked Questions

1. On what grades does eTutorWorld offer elementary school tutoring?

eTutorWorld offers personalized online tutoring for elementary schools in Grades 1 to 5 in Math, English & Science. These tutoring sessions help students in test prep for exams like SCAT, CogAT, SSAT, etc.

2. Is one-on-one elementary school tutoring good for me?

Yes, one-on-one online tutoring for elementary school students is very beneficial. It provides better focus, and students can freely ask their doubts without hesitation. Moreover, it creates a good relationship between a student & tutor which ultimately helps in their grades. If you are looking for private online tutoring for Math, Science & English for Grades 1 to 5, then eTutorWorld is the best platform for your prep.

3. What is the pricing for elementary school tutoring?

Our tutoring prices are reasonable. Prices vary according to the grade, test, and course you select. Check out our detailed pricing list for elementary school online tutoring: https://www.etutorworld.com/pricing.html

4. What do I need for the tutoring sessions?

All you need is a computer or tablet and an internet connection for elementary school tutoring. You can use a headset or your device’s mic and speakers to talk to your tutor during the online session.

5. What if the learner isn’t happy with elementary tutors?

You can reach out to us any time: +1 269 763 4602/5024. Our representatives will be happy to resolve issues to better your learning experience. We encourage students and parents to contact us if their child faces any problems. We’ll work to make this work for you. However, if the problem persists, don’t worry; our 30-day money-back guarantee guards your money.

6. How do I sign up for elementary school tutoring?

You can sign up with your name and email address (no credit card or purchase obligation required). Additionally, you can schedule a free session with our elementary school tutors.

7. What benefits do I get at eTutorWorld for elementary school tutoring?

At eTutorWorld, you get exposure to the personalized tutoring approach. Personalized tutoring helps your kids in improving their performances. Other benefits you receive include diagnostic tests, regular assessments, and interactive, live & private online tutoring for your child. We also have a support team ready to help you with technical or any other issues with the portal.

8. How can my child improve their performance in elementary school?

eTutorWorld offers complete tutoring packages for elementary school students in Math, Science & English. Our elementary tutors are highly qualified to help your child with every concept. Also, our tutors are responsible for each student’s progress through regular assignments and homework help. Your child can access the tutoring session recording after 30 days to cement the topics studied during a tutoring session.  

8. Are eTutorWorld's Elementary tutors trained and qualified to teach?

eTutorWorld’s Elementary School Tutors are highly trained & qualified to teach. Besides a college degree, 85% of our teachers have an additional degree in Education. Before starting their teaching at eTutorWorld, our tutors have to go through rigorous training and certifications. Plus, our teachers have 400+ hours of online teaching experience.


It was my first experience with an online tutor for my child. During this pandemic it was basically the only way to go. I made the best choice when I choose etutorworld. The tutor was awesome and patient with her and he provided her with ways to study. I will recommend etutorworld to anyone that is seeking to adhere to social distancing and even for future studies. GREAT JOB!!

Aleksey Gaziev

Very good structure and flow of the sessions, materials used are also good - overall very positive experience.

Veronica S Lennon

Excellent quality and service from both an academic and as admin point of view!

Shaivi Shah

Kind, well qualified and very responsible teacher. Would like to try other subjects and want to have my second child tutored. Great value, too.

Leah Dixon

eTutorWorld among the Top Online Tutoring Services

Their customized 1-to-1 sessions are particularly engaging for younger learners. All tutors are trained in federal and state curriculum so you can be sure your child will meet and then exceed grade-level expectations.


Their Learning by Design teaching method provides one-on-one teaching based on the student’s pace. This method helps students set goals as teachers design lesson plans based on the student’s abilities and interests.


This site doesn’t like to think of its instructors as tutors — it calls them mentors. The service comes up with a personalized workplan for each student, records all of its sessions for review, and also holds regular check-ins with parents


The EdTech Cool Tool Awards 2020 for Tutoring Solution (Finalist)


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