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CogAT Test Grade 5 (Level 11) for 2024 – Test Prep, Practice Tests, and Sample Questions

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Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)

CogAT or Cognitive Abilities Test is a multiple-choice assessment test that is administered by schools to qualify students for gifted programs. This is a group-administered test for students in grades K-12. CogAT is an above grade, cognitive test that checks students’ abilities in 3 sections and helps them find instructions and guidance that match their skills.

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CogAT Grade 5 Sample Questions 

Directions: Following each problem, there are multiple suggested answers. Select the appropriate answer from the given choices.

Verbal Battery


1. Look at the pair of words and find their relationship. Then find the same relationship for the next word and choose the correct option to complete the given analogy.

Rapid : Swift :: Vain : ________

a. Silly  b. Arrogant  c. Annoying  d. Polite


2. Choose the word that best completes this sentence.

The best-selling author dedicated his new book to his wife
to ——- the contribution she had made to his success.

a. Acknowledge  b. Approximate   c. Donate  d. Fathom


3. These three words are alike in some way:

Disgust | Loathing | Revulsion

Choose one word that goes with the above given three words in the same way.

a. Cheer  b. Repose  c. Aversion  d. Composure

Quantitative Battery


4. For this mathematical equation, choose the answer that should replace the ? symbol.

52.76 = 52 + 0.7 + ?

a. 0.76   b. 0.26   c. 0.06   d. 0.46


5. Figure out the rule that the first two numbers are following. Then, choose the answer so that the third number pair will follow the same rule.

478: 589 :: 376: ?

a. 477   b. 389   c. 587   d. 487


6. The given question shows a series of numbers. You have to figure out the rule used to arrange the numbers. Then decide which number should come next in the series.

0.9,   1.8,   2.7,   3.6,   4.5,   ?

a. 5.4   b. 7.2    c. 8.1   d. 6.3

Non-Verbal Battery


7. Look at the figures on top. They are related to each other in a certain way. Now look at the figure on the bottom. From pictures A, B, C, D and E select the picture that belongs in the empty box so that the figures on the bottom will be related to each other in the same way as the figures on top.


8. Look at the pictures across the top. They show a piece of paper being folded. Then something is cut out of the paper. Which option shows what the piece of paper will look like when it is unfolded?




9. From figures A, B, C, D and E select the figure that is most like the 3 figures above


1. b)

Explanation : The relationship between the two words is of being synonyms.

2. a)

3. c)

Explanation : All the words have similar meanings.

4. c)

Explanation : 52.76 = 52 + 0.7 + 0.06

5. d)

Explanation : In the given number analogy the number 589 has all the digits 1 more than the digits in the number 478

6. a)

Explanation : The series is a multiple of 0.9

7. c)

8. c)

9. b)

Explanation : All the shapes that are drawn inside have 1 more side than the external shape.


Free CogAT Practice Tests and Sample Questions

CogAT 5th Grade (Level 11)

Since CogAT is an above-grade test, students have to study the topics from a few grades above them, and their scores are also compared to older students. CogAT for 5th grade is the middle-level CogAT test that covers the curriculum from grades 6 and 7.

CogAT helps children get into gifted programs at school, therefore, it may not be easy for every child. But with proper preparation and guidance, students can achieve top scores in all the sections.

What is in the CogAT 5th Grade?

CogAT 5th grade has 3 sections and they are scored individually. The section-wise scores are added together to get a final score, but it is crucial to score well in each section for better outcomes.

Verbal Reasoning

The verbal reasoning section tests students’ language abilities by checking vocabulary comprehension, verbal memory, word relations, and more. This section has different types of MCQs and three sub-tests.

Quantitative Reasoning

The quantitative reasoning section of CogAT checks for number skills. This segment consists of questions that test quantitative reasoning and problem-solving abilities. The quantitative reasoning section has 2 sub-tests.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

The non-verbal reasoning section on CogAT does not require reading and has problems that are not directly related to school lessons. The questions consist of pictures and shapes and come in different formats.

If you are still unsure, let your child take a free trial lesson during which you can seek help on specific/all areas for CogAT and plan on the next steps.

CogAT Grade 5 Tutors at eTutorWorld

eTutorWorld has a team of experienced CogAT 5th-grade tutors. They come with subject matter expertise and years of teaching experience which results in excellent learning outcomes. At eTutorWorld, all the tutors are hired after a stringent hiring process, and teaching starts only after they have completed a few weeks of training.

So, when you register your child with eTutorWorld, you can rest assured that your child will receive the best guidance for CogAT 5th grade.

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Why eTutorWorld’s CogAT Online Prep Help?

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CogAT Test Grade 5 – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the CogAT Test?

CogAT Test is the cognitive abilities test that assesses students’ academic abilities. The scores from this test are used to qualify students for gifted programs at school.

2. What is a good score for CogAT 5th Grade?

A CogAT score of 7 and above is a good score.

3. How do I prepare my child for CogAT 5th Grade Test?

CogAT test prep is complicated because it involves learning above-grade lessons. You can prepare your child for CogAT 5th Grade Test by registering the child for online tutoring with eTutorWorld.

4. What does CogAT 5th Grade Scores mean to my child?

CogAT 5th grade scores showcase your child’s abilities in academics. CogAT is an above-grade test, therefore, the scores will show where your child stands as compared to children from the same grade and also from 1 or 2 grades above.


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