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SSAT Middle Level Practice Test

SSAT Middle Level Test Prep & Practice Tests: Sample Question & Worksheets

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The best way to prepare for the SSAT Middle Level is through practice and getting familiar with its content, format, and timing.

SSAT Middle Level: Sample Questions

The Middle Level SSAT is an admission test for students in grades 5-7 seeking admission in grades 6-8. The test consists of verbal, quantitative (math), and reading comprehension sections.

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Here’s the Format of SSAT Middle Level

SectionNumber of questionsDurationWhat does it Measure?
Writing Sample1 (Unscored)25 minutesGives a feel for how well you write and organize your ideas.
Break5 minutes
Section 1: Quantitative2530 minutesAbility to solve problems involving arithmetic,elementary algebra,geometry and other concepts
Section 2: Reading4040 minutesYour ability to read and comprehend what you read
Break10 minutes
Section 3: Verbal6030 minutesVocabulary,verbal reasoning and ability to relate ideas logically.
Section 4: Quantitative2530 minutesAbility to solve problems involving arithmetic,elementary algebra,geometry and other concepts
Experimental1615 minutesUnscored
Totals167185 minutes
Of the 167 items including the writing sample, only 150 questions are scored.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the SSAT Middle Level Test?

The SSAT Middle Middle Level Test is the admission test for private school students currently in grades 5–7.

2. What’s on the SSAT Middle level?

SSAT Middle level has 5 sections: Quantitative (Math), Verbal, Reading, Writing, and Experimental. Although Writing Sample is not scored, schools use it to assess students’ writing skills. The experimental section consists of mixed content from verbal, reading, and math sections.

3. How long is the SSAT Test Middle Level?

SSAT Middle level is 3 Hours & 10 Minutes long (190 minutes). Students are allotted two 10-minute breaks during SSAT Test.

4. Is calculator allowed on SSAT Middle Level?

No, Students aren’t permitted to use calculators in the SSAT Middle Level.

5. What is the testing options for the SSAT Middle Level?

SSAT Test is available for 3 testing options: Paper, Prometric, and at Home.

6. What is a good SSAT Score for Middle Level?

For SSAT Middle Level, the lowest score is 440, while the highest score is 710. So, total scores fall in the range of 1320 to 2130. The average SSAT Middle Level score is between 1700-1800. So, the SSAT Middle Level Good score is more than 1900 out of 2130.

7. What is the best way to prepare for the SSAT Middle Level?

The best way to prepare for the SSAT Test is to take the complete SSAT Test Prep Plan. Students find it challenging to study without expert tutor guidance. eTutorWorld offers a complete SSAT Middle Level Test Prep plan. This plan consists of Tutoring sessions, Full-length Practice Tests, and Worksheets. Students can easily get a top-notch score in SSAT Middle Level with this plan. Students can find the SSAT Middle Practice Tests for the Verbal, Math, and Reading Sections.

8. Are eTutorWorld's Practice Tests for the SSAT Middle Level effective?

Yes, eTutorWorld’s Practice Tests for the SSAT Middle Level are effective. eTutorWorld’s Practice Tests have sample questions that are most likely to come in the SSAT tests. Practice tests help students in their learning, concepts, and time management. eTutorWorld’s SSAT Middle Level Practice Tests are designed by the top class SSAT Tutors and aligned with the latest SSAT curriculum. These Practice tests are helpful to get better scores on the SSAT Middle Level Test.

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