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Innovative & Simple Fundraising for Your Organization or Club

Introducing a new passive fundraising program to benefit your students and your organization – help students succeed academically by sharing eTutorWorld’s world-class one-to-one online tutoring in Math, English, Science, and Test Prep, and raise money with every purchase. eTutorWorld is proud to partner with non-profit organizations to support the students we serve by giving back to organizations engaged in their community.

What is a Passive Fundraiser?

Passive fundraisers are those you can set and forget, and which operate continually in the background. Apart from the initial effort of organizing the program, and some regular reminders, they can bring in a steady stream of income throughout the year. Passive fundraisers include rewards programs that donate back a percentage of sales made to designated programs chosen by the purchaser.

How does it work?

The program is simple – eTutorWorld assigns the organization a unique promo code entitling students to a 10% discount on purchases. eTutorWorld tracks sales using the promo code, and credits the organization based on a percentage of sales, with up to a $100 bonus contribution for getting started. We provide promotional materials ready to share, and you raise money for your organization when students utilize the service to boost their academic skills. The program can be implemented entirely online, making it a safe and easy virtual fundraiser.

How do we get started?

Fundraising with ETW is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Register your club or organization with eTutorWorld, apply to receive your unique promo code.

2. Share eTutorWorld promotional material and promo code with your network.

3. Earn money for your organization with every tutoring purchase using your code.

    • Students receive a free trial session and 10% discount
    • Earn a ‘getting started’ donation of up to $50 after first free trial
    • Earn a ‘gaining momentum’ donation of up to $50 after first purchase
    • Earn 10% credit for each new customer purchase
    • Earn 5% credit for each renewal purchase
    • eTutorWorld contributes the money you’ve earned
    • Students benefit from world-class one-to-one tutoring

What types of organizations can participate?

Any non-profit organization that engages with K-12 students and parents can apply to participate.

PTO Fundraiser
PTA Fundraiser
PTSO Fundraiser
Booster Club Fundraiser
Athletic Department Fundraiser

Youth Sports Fundraiser
Band Fundraiser
Chorus Fundraiser
Elementary School Fundraiser
Middle School Fundraiser

High School Fundraiser
Private School Fundraiser
Homeschool Fundraiser
Drama Club Fundraiser

Student Fundraiser
Community Theater Fundraiser
Virtual School Fundraiser
Passive School Fundraiser

eTutorWorld reserves the right to limit participation of organizations targeting the same audience.
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Save 10% with Code EARTH10