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After School Tutoring

Personalized After School Tutoring Program Online at affordable costs 

Are you looking for Online Tutors for your tutoring needs and homework help after school?

Join eTutorWorld’s After School Online Tutoring Program and get quality tutoring services for all grades.

Get help from our certified tutors at highly affordable costs in Math, Science, and English.

Parents who availed our services for their children have rated us 4.7 out of 5 on TrustSpot.

Online After School Tutoring Program by eTutorWorld

No more traveling long distances for a tutoring class.

Enroll your child in eTutorWorld’s After-school Tutoring Program where your child’s learning abilities and potential are encouraged.

Our comprehensive national standard curriculum insures that each student receives a quality education.

Our high school tutors help to prepare your child’s confidence in the classroom.

At eTutorWorld, we go beyond the textbook and focus on your child’s overall intellectual development by helping them learn the basics of the subject.

Our programs are designed to engage the student’s reasoning ability while reinforcing key skills and concepts.


  • Teaching one-on-one with audio and visual components
  • Highly interactive sessions with problem-solving activities
  • Personalized lesson plans as per student’s needs
  • Tutor-parent interaction on a regular basis to discuss progress
  • Ongoing assessments and evaluations.
  • Use of the latest web-based technology for interactive sessions

Certified After School Online Tutors

eTutorWorld tutors monitor the curriculum and analyze the educational needs of the student and provide high-quality content in each lesson/learning package.

After school online tutoring program helps your child to become more organized, and disciplined and helps to kindle their creative thinking.

Make the most of your time and enroll in an online tutoring lesson. Start today by taking a FREE online tutoring lesson at eTutorWorld – No obligation and no credit card details are required to take an appointment with your tutor!

Find out how eTutorWorld can help you improve your Grades.

No credit card is required, nor are you under any obligation to make a purchase. Just schedule the FREE TRIAL lesson to meet a tutor & get help on any topic you want!

Online Tutoring and Worksheets Pricing

Our Learning by Design methodology focuses exclusively on individual students. 

Our expert tutors are specially trained to identify and diagnose the needs and skills of each student and plan future tutoring lessons accordingly.

Know more about our Personalised Online Tutoring  Packs.

Why Choose eTutorWorld for After-School Online Tutoring

Personalized Approach

Our tutors create customized lesson plans based on diagnostic tests to cater to the specific learning needs of every student. We understand that every student has different strengths, and our tutors create a plan that is suited just right for child.

Customized Lesson Plans

Before the tutoring sessions begin, we conduct Diagnostic Tests to assess students’ skills and abilities. Our tutors use this test to gauge the learning needs of every student to identify areas that need to be focused in their customized learning plans.

Regular Assessments

Regular assessments are crucial in gauging a students’ progress with the lesson plan. After all the lessons and courses, a review of the improvement is done and is also shared with the parents.

Highly Qualified Tutors

Every tutor at eTutorWorld has 400 hours of teaching experience and subject matter expertise. We are responsible for each student’s progress and hence take care in selecting tutors. 

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring offers undivided attention by eliminating distractions. With 1:1 tutoring, you can ask for any help or doubt from our tutors—private tutoring for better focus, transparency & performance.

Affordable Tutoring

Quality education should not be expensive. That’s why we deliver affordable tutoring to all our students. Each tutoring session has 50 to 55 minutes of learning time & is affordable for all students.

Interactive & Flexible Session

Interactive online tutoring has never been this enjoyable. Here, students enjoy the latest teaching methods and technology that make learning interactive and fun. All our learning technologies are modern and easy-to-use.

Curated Worksheets

Access curated practice tests & worksheets. Practice material cements the understanding of the topics and concepts learned during the tutoring sessions. These curated Worksheets are designed by expert tutors to help students revise the concepts clearly.

24×7 Support

Get 24X7 support through our number +1 269 763 4602. A support team is always ready to help you with any technical or other issues. Any query or questions can be resolved quickly from the comfort of your home.

After School Tutoring – Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects are covered in eTutorWorld's after-school online tutoring program?

eTutorWorld’s program covers a wide range of subjects, including Math, Science, and English. Students can select the subjects they need help with, without the need to opt for a comprehensive program that covers all subjects.

Who are the tutors at eTutorWorld?

eTutorWorld’s tutors are experienced educators with advanced degrees in their subject areas. They are trained to work with students of all levels, from kindergarten to high school.

How does the online tutoring session work?

The online tutoring session is conducted via video calls, allowing students to interact with their tutor in real-time on a one-to-one basis. The tutor will use a variety of teaching techniques to engage students and help them master the material.

How does eTutorWorld customize the learning experience for each student?

eTutorWorld uses a personalized approach to tutoring, starting with an assessment of each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on this assessment, the tutor creates a customized learning plan that is tailored to the student’s needs and learning style.

What is the schedule for the after-school online tutoring program?

eTutorWorld offers flexible scheduling, with tutoring sessions available during after-school hours and on weekends. Students can schedule sessions at a time that is convenient for them and their family.

How can I sign up for eTutorWorld's after-school online tutoring program?

Interested students or parents can sign up on the eTutorWorld website or contact the customer support team for more information. We also offers a free trial session for new students to experience the program firsthand.

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